The Sleep Element


Solutions to sleep challenges from birth to toddlerhood

Are you looking for sleep support near you?
Have you found yourself up at 3am with your newborn, searching for answers to these questions?

  • When will my baby sleep 7pm-7am
  • Is my baby going through a sleep regression?
  • When will my baby sleep through the night?
  • How much sleep does my baby need?
  • Why won’t my baby nap?
  • Should my baby feed to sleep?

If this is a list of your google searches for infant sleep, you might want to book a sleep consultation to resolve any sleep challenges you may be facing.

  • Sleeping too much
  • Sleeping too little
  • No naps during the day
  • Difficult to settle
  • Wakes quickly after falling asleep
  • Noisy sleeping
  • Won’t sleep lay down

the sleep element

Who is this package for?
You are looking for a better night’s sleep using evidence based, infant sleep support aligned with child development.
Your family’s preference is to avoid extinction methods of sleep training (cry it out, Ferber Method, etc.

This option includes:

  • 90 minute consultation in person or zoom
  • 7 days Whatsapp support to optimise your family’s experience
  • 30 minute follow up session within 7 days

You will discover how to optimise sleep based on full review of your baby’s current patterns of sleep, activity, and feeding. Real-time solutions based on your baby’s sleep challenges are offered to optimise rest for everyone.

If your baby is under 8 weeks, please choose one of the feeding options as this includes discussion around naps and night sleep

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