One to One and Group Sessions during your pregancy

Superpower your parenting know-how with comprehensive support and education based on your choices. 

Build you Birth Preferences, or learn about Infant Feeding for breastfeeding, bottle feeding and combined methods before your baby arrives.


Learn the feeding basics

Antenatal Feeding Class
This one to one class is ideal for families who wish to know more about the choices available around feeding their babies.

You will discover more about what to expect when baby arrives, feeding positions and your options around expressing or combination feeding.
Includes solutions for common issues, a plan based on your choices, and support options once baby arrives to tackle any early day challenges.

Birth Preparation - One to One

Antenatal Sessions
Develop personalised Birth Plans for home or hospital & caesarean birth, based on your family’s needs.

As a Doula and experienced coach, Nikki can help you discover more about what will happen during birth and the hours afterwards as you snuggle your newborn. 
Have peace of mind throughout you pregnancy with a dedicated Whatsapp support service to provide you with continuity for your questions.

The Fourth Trimester

The Fourth Trimester Parenting Course
This option offers 2 group sessions for up to 4 families.

Clear, safe & evidence based sessions to optimise your family’s experience in the first 3 months after baby is born. 
Discover ways to optimise feeding and sleep, as well as discover how family life might be after baby arrives. Includes resources for optimising feeding, sleep and more.

Responsive Parenting
If you prefer a one to one session for your family, this is the option for you.

Worrying about how to hold, feed, burp, change and what to dress your baby in? Come along to this personalised, fun and informative 90 minute one to one session where you will discover new skills to boost confidence whilst you learn how to decipher what your baby is communicating as they grow. 

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