Nikki is more than an IBCLC and Doula; she’s your trusted guide through the remarkable journey of parenthood.

If you’re looking for solutions to help your family with an unsettled baby,  you are in the right place.
The Baby Element Clinic Wilmslow is the home of Nikki Mather IBCLC, a Cheshire based Lactation Consultant and Doula.
With almost 2 decades of experience supporting families through pregnancy, birth and parenting, Nikki has been a trusted source of support and guidance for many.

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find all you need during pregnancy, birth and The Fourth Trimester in one place

“The best investment we made this time around was hiring Nikki from the start. Nikki’s gentle approach and coaching around our birth preferences, feeding options and the challenging times during the first year have been made much easier with her kindness, patience and expertise”

 Baby M’s Parents 

What We Offer

The Baby Element Clinic caters to expecting and new parents by offering a range of support options.
Nikki provides personalised one-on-one consultations tailored to each family’s specific needs.

The Baby Element Clinic also offers fun group sessions covering various topics related to birth, feeding, and baby development.

Antenatal Classes

You can choose bespoke, conveniently scheduled one to one classes based on your own personal journey. Group classes are also available, where you can discover how birth works and help work out all of your options for birth, including home, birth centre, delivery suite and caesarean births.

Infant Feeding

Breastfeeding support, bottle feeding support and all of the combinations of feeding your baby. Nikki's expertise extends to supplemental feeding in complex cases and works alongside other healthcare professionals to bring a holistic treatment approach to challenges you may face.

Birth to Toddlerhood

Support does not stop in the early weeks. Nikki provides care throughout your parenting journey, from pregnancy and the newborn stage to toddlerhood and nursery transitions. Nikki offers support for challenges with sleep, solid food and milestones along the way as you navigate parenthood.

Personalised One to One sessions & Group Workshops

Birth Preferences

Build your Birth Plans based on your own set of preferences with personally tailored sessions during pregnancy

Feeding Basics

Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, combination feeding and solid foods. Discover the ways to feed your baby in the first year & beyond


Troubleshoot issues with sleep, feeding, allergies and more with bespoke sessions focussing on the challenges you are facing as a family

Older babies

Working with babies from birth until toddlerhood, we work together to find solutions to the challenges you experience

the baby element Clinic

A friendly voice, sending a flow of evidence based information when you are feeling overwhelmed with the various opinions you come across during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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