Nothing is a 'silly' question

Parents often preface a question with “this may be a ‘stupid’ thing to ask”….

NOTHING is a ‘silly’ question if you do not know the answer.

I always encourage families to ask ALL OF THE QUESTIONS, because how do we learn new skills otherwise?

If you have pregnancy questions or an unsettled baby, you might find yourself searching google for answers at 3am. 

Below you will find a list of some ‘silly’ questions, and if you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please book in for a call to receive personalised answers based on your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the ‘silly’ questions parents might ask and the answers can be found below

No, as an Infant Feeding Specialist I recognise people choose do different things when it comes to feeding their babies. I support all methods of feeding, regardless of why you chose them, offering non-judgemental support to all families.

As part of the holilstic approach for the consultation provided, it is not imperative your baby has an entire feed in your appointment. Challenges can often be identified in a short feed, plus your assessment which includes you full history and any images or videos you share from home. Babies often oblige when we ask them to feed for us to assess during your time in clinic. 

Yes, if you baby is experiencing a nursing strike, or an aversion to breast or bottle feeding I can help you work through the challenges to discover what is happening and why. Once we have assessed your individual situation, we can set a plan based on your needs.

Yes of course! As a family-centred business, we welcome the whole family to come along to your assessment. We have a small selection of toys and books to keep their little hands busy and often see them join in the conversation!

Bottle feeding babies need support too! I can help your family with bottle feeding support if that is what you need at the time of your appointment.

Yes, I do. They can be found on the support options page. I work with families across the UK and beyond, with families accessing support from France, South Africa, Dubai, Qatar, Singapore and Australia to name a few!

Without knowing your history, I am unsure I can answer this fully. If you would like to use your free 10 minute call, i can advise which appointment type would be best for your family based on the feeding issues you are working through. Some babies need 1 session, others need a package of sessions. 

I can help you and your baby settle into a family-friendly, child-centred schedule which ensures biological, psychological and physiological needs are met whilst ensuring you get enough sleep as new parents. 

If you want “baby whisperer” type strict routines which aren’t family-friendly, that isn’t me.

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