Nikki is more than an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and Doula; she’s your trusted guide through the remarkable journey of parenthood.

You can book a complimentary call with Nikki to discover which option you may need to choose for your family.

How can I help?

Antenatal Support

Learn about birth, infant feeding and infant sleep & develop a Postnatal Plan

  • Discover more about the birth process & learn about feeding & caring for your baby
  • Develop a family-friendly plan based on your preferences
  • Dispel any myths & debrief any previous experiences

breast & bottle feeding

  • SOS sessions for latch, pumping and challenges like blocked ducts or mastitis
  • Full feeding assessment including oral function & troubleshooting
  • Longer term packages available for ongoing support

Weaning & older children

Discover how to support your older baby or toddler during their development

  • Sleep assessments & holistic baby-centred plans based on your family’s preferences 
  • Weaning onto solid food & transitioning away from milk feeds
  • From birth to toddlerhood during developmental leaps

“The best investment we made this time around was hiring Nikki from the start. Nikki’s gentle approach and coaching around our birth preferences, feeding options and the challenging times during the first year have been made much easier with her kindness, patience and expertise.

Baby M’s Parents 2022

Nikki Mather IBCLC

Nikki Mather is a Lactation Consultant and Doula with over 16 years supporting families in various roles. Nikki can guide you through your parenting journey and will support the choices you make, offering evidence based information and research to aid your decision making. 

The Baby Element Clinic

The Baby Element Clinic Wilmslow is where Nikki provides evidence based support for parents who are having challenges in pregnancy, birth and beyond. Nikki’s expert approach support covers birth plans and antenatal education to common issues with feeding, sleep, weaning and more.

Evidence based, family centred support

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Nikki also provides a range of services in Stockton Heath working at The Olive Clinic

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