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options available to international clients

Families across the world have accessed services offered by Nikki Mather, from pregnancy educational to postnatal support, online and in person.
Based in Cheshire, Nikki also offers home visits and zoom calls around the world.
Get in touch for your personalised booking on zoom, or in person. 

international support

All feeding consultations include:

  • Exploring your full history from conception to birth including the general health of you and your baby  
  • A feeding assessment on breast or bottle
  • An oral skills review including tongue tie assessment 
  • A tailored plan to alleviate the challenges you are experiencing, including recommendations for exercises, bodywork
  • A feeding plan based on your assessment for more effective feeding and sleep
  • 72 hours of support to implement/adapt the plan offered

    You may wish to opt into further follow up appointments, or book a package with follow up included. Please take a look at the options below.

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