Bottlefeeding Support

you are not alone with BottleFeeding challenges

Can a Lactation Consultant help with bottle feeding?

Parents often come to The Baby Element Clinic with mixed feeding, combination feeding or sole bottlefeeding issues. 

Have you been searching for answers to the following questions?

  • Why is my baby falling asleep on the bottle?
  • My baby is sick after bottle feeding, why?
  • When should I introduce a bottle to my baby?
  • Why won’t my baby take a bottle?
  • Why is my baby so unsettled after bottlefeeding?
  • How can I help my baby to burp?

Find bottle feeding support here at The Baby Element Clinic. 


Initial Consultation - Bottle Feeding

Who is this session for?
Families & their babies who may be unsettled & fussy, are finding feeding challenging with symptoms including;

  • positioning on a bottle teat
  • clicking, gulping, coughing spluttering, gagging
  • unable to latch
  • bottle refusal/bottle aversion
  • lip blisters
  • dribbling or leaking milk
  • weight gain challenges
  • CMPA
  • Reflux

This session includes:

  • full evaluation of feeding history
  • observation of feeding 
  • plan to optimise feeds
  • 3 days Whatsapp support

Tongue Tie & Oral Dysfunction Assessment

Who is this session for?

  • You know baby has a tongue tie
  • You suspect your baby may have a tongue tie
  • You would like a holistic package of care before and after frenulotomy

Tongue Tie & Oral Dysfunction Assessment
This session provides a full evaluation of your baby’s feeding habits by a Lactation Consultant who specialises in all feeding methods. 

Nikki will create a personalised feeding plan for you and your baby after your appointment. If needed, she may recommend follow-up appointments for exercises to improve your baby’s oral motor skills, optimising feeding or consultation regarding a tongue tie division (frenulotomy).

This option includes:

  • 1 hour appointment to assess challenges and discover potential solutions 
  • Includes tongue tie assessment & functional examination relating to feeding & sleep 
  • Infant Feeding plan to improve feeding experience
  • 3 days WhatsApp support

Reflux, Colic, Wind & Allergy

Who is this session for?
Babies experiencing excessive air intake, gulping, clicking and gassiness
Babies with symptoms of reflux including crying, unsettled periods, vomiting, regular posseting, weight issues (both low gain and excessive gain)

Has your infant feeding journey been challenging? Work through the issues with Nikki and develop a plan together which suits your family’s needs. 


  • A pre-visit assessment of yours and baby’s history
  • 1 hour in person visit 
  • A tailored plan for your family 
  • 7 days remote support after consultation 
  • 30 minute Zoom call in the 1st week

The Baby is here! What now?!

Practical Parenting
Worrying about how to hold, feed, burp, change and what to dress your baby in? Come along to this fun and informative 90 minute session where you will discover new skills to boost confidence in the early days. 

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